Powerful Presentations

We create pitch decks that knock investors socks off, sales pitches that open doors, and presentations that help you drive home your company's important messages.

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Corporate Messaging

Changing minds and opening doors through great visuals.
Your story matters, but all too often important messages can get lost in powerpoint slides that lull an audience to sleep rather than convince them to take action.

We’ve worked with companies big and small to get their message across through world class visuals at conferences, board presentations, internal meetings and press events.
Working together we can ensure your slides do justice to your important messages.

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Trusted by leading Irish businesses and global multinationals.

Clearpreso provided invaluable help in translating the new positioning and business messages we developed for our client company into attractive, crisp and clear visuals. The resulting presentation is helping the company to position and communicate a differentiated message in a crowded market space.

Simon Rogals

MD, Bayberry Consulting

Pitch Decks

We can help you refine and distill how you tell the story of your startup, and then turn that into a set of slides that captures attention and opens doors.

Whether you’re looking to raise early stage investment or a larger round down the line, whether you have an existing set of slides or indeed just sketches on a napkin we’ll be able to help.

We’ll help you tell the right story the right way.

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We've helped startups raise over €18 million.

You clearly helped us with the look and feel of the deck, but given your unique access, you’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t work… so we got an important business analysis piece on too!

Jon Bayle

CEO, Deposify

Sales Decks

Present to your sales prospects with confidence with slides that set your message apart from the competition.

Getting the foot in the door is hard enough, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. We’ll make sure that your slides don’t trip you up at the first hurdle.

We’ve worked with software companies, media outlets, shellfish companies (really) and everyone in between convert sales prospects with the help of slides that get the message across and leave a lasting impact.

Check out our work
Trusted by leading Irish businesses and global multinationals.

Our slides and therefore our presentations have never been stronger. We explain our proposition in a way stronger way to a new audience and not only that, I think our look & feel is more in line with the audience we are pitching too – thanks to working with Clearpreso.

Anthony E. Byrne

CEO, Product2Market